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Pro Pac Industries is proud to be an significant reference in forest equipment manufacturing in Quebec. This solid reputation, we owe it first to our experts, who combine their talents to design products known for their reliability, easy maintenance and fuel economy.


In business since 1985, Pro Pac offers high quality forestry equipment such as delimbers, slashers, felling heads and grapples. Need any equipment to improve ? We also offer a whole range of modifications to optimize forest operation and increase safety. It is at the Saint-Côme-Linière factory that the Pro Pac team designs, manufactures and assembles each of the components of equipment that will be distributed throughout Canada and the United States. 

​​The beginning

1985 - 1987

From the ashes of "Ébrancheuse C.B.", is founded the Pro Pac Forestry Industries Ltd. The name Pro Pac is a diminutive of "Professional Package".


After 2 years in Notre-Dame-des-Pins, Pro Pac moved to a brand new factory in Saint-Côme-Linière, 30 minutes from the border with the United States. The goal ? Conquering the United States, precisely, the states of Northeast America, Virginia, North Carolina, Louisiana and Oregon, and it was a great success.






Major improvement of the Pro Pac delimber with the creation of the safest & quickest transport system in the industry. This new technology was fully developed by Pro Pac.


The company is growing and order book is full. A first enlargement of 5000 square feet is realized. This will be the first in a series of several.


A second expansion adds 14,000 square feet to the Saint-Côme Linière factory. The same year, the 500th Pro Pac equipment is produced.



A 3rd enlargement is necessary. 14,000 square feet is added to the factory.



A new summit is reached; a 1000th ProPac product goes to work!

Expansion and development


2008 - 2009

The diversification of Pro Pac products begins. A first felling head is assembled and Pro Pac also adds a new product to its catalog; the pull through delimber.

2010 - 2012

Pro Pac acquires 3 new major equipment: a digital CNC, a high-definition oxy-cutting machine and a CNC press brake of 320 tons.



Pro Pac continues its modernization : 2 new digital CNC are installed in the factory. At the end of the year, the 1500th Pro Pac product leaves the factory and takes the direction of the forest.



A room for sandblasting is built as well as a paint room. In addition to new acquisitions from previous years, a Kuraki boring mill is added.



The factory is being enlarged for the fourth time in 2017 : it adds 4000 square feet of surface, so this allows the creation of a new parts department.


As of May 1st 2022, Dave Carrier, son of one of the founders, has takeover the company. This change is due to a transfer of ownership. Dave has been involved in the business for nearly 15 years already.

Now and tomorrow


Pro Pac is a company dedicated to designing, welding and assembling quality forestry products that know how to get things better for forestry workers.

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